Distributor to Lahti area!

Come work with us!

Esa Jakelut is an early-morning newspaper distribution organization and amongst the most realiable in Finland. In addition to newspapers, ESA jakelut handles distribution of local newspapers and advertisement and addressed letters and small packets. We operate in Päijät-Häme area.

 Job Description

The main responsibility of a distributor will be to distribute the products to the consumers in their area. On average, each distributor will work 2.5- 5h/ night. The working time will be around 1:00 am - 6:00 am. Number of working days per week can be chosen by the distributor which suits them. You can be everything from a substitute to a regular distributor. If you are working for 6 days in a round, then the next 2 nights will be your off day. You need a car for this job. The salary consists of hourly wage of 9.78e/h (total hourly wage) with extra compensation per additional item delivered (average salary will be around 12-12.5e/h) . In addition, a 0.43e / km (tax free) kilometer allowance is paid for using your own car. Salary will be credited 2 times/ month.

Requirements and what we offer to you?

You are above 18 years of age. You should have a car and driving licence. You are ready to work at night. Enjoy working outside. You are independent and punctual. Good physical condition. We offer to you a part time job. Choose a schedule that suits you. Temporary or permanent employment. Comprehensive orientation to the work. Occupational health care. All the work related equipments for your safety and for making you work simpler. Two times in a year smartum advantage (https://www.smartum.fi/en/).

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